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The Wall of Fame State Football Championship apparel order link is now active.  Orders are due @ noon of Dec. 17th https://oabcigstatechamps.itemorder.com/sale

The OABCIG School Board will be filling a vacancy by appointment for Director District 1. The term will run until November 2023. If you live in OABCIG District 1 (Battle Creek and rural area) and are interested in the opening, please contact Kathy Leonard, Board Secretary at 712-364-2255 or email kleonard@oabcig.org.  To verify district of residence, see district boundaries map at www.oabcig.org.
Interested candidates will be asked to complete a short questionnaire by Friday, Dec. 6. The OABCIG Board will make the final appointment at the December 9, 2019 regular board meeting.


December 05, 2019


December College Rep Visits -

· On December 17th a rep from South Dakota State University will be here at 11:15am.

· On December 18th a rep from Dakota State University will be here at 12:45pm.

If you're interested in learning more from any of these schools please sign up (you will need to be signed up in order to attend - Sign Up Sheet).


SENIORS: Please get your vertical senior picture and baby picture to Ms. Foreman. Senior pictures can be emailed to Ms.Foreman and baby pictures can be scanned by Ms.Foreman so you can get them back. These are due by the end of March. There are still many of you that have not turned in ANY pictures. 


Juniors & Seniors: I have an exciting career opportunity for you on Friday, Dec. 13, from 2:30 - 3:25! Officer Stacey Bragg, Conservation Officer, will be presenting information pertaining to DNR (Department of Natural Resources). Come listen to get an insight to what her job entails. Have questions ready also please.

Sign up here - Sign Up Sheet


As the weather turns colder, this is a reminder that your Chromebook does NOT like the cold.  Please do NOT leave it in a vehicle overnight.  If it is left in a vehicle and the Chromebook/case is cold to the touch; please bring it inside, unzip the case, but do NOT open it.  Give the Chromebook 30-60 minutes to warm up and then you can use it.  If the Chromebook gets too cold and you open it the screen will crack, which will be a repair cost to the student/family.  Thank you for helping us take care of the device!


DOCTOR/DENTIST APPTS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY:  Make sure to get a note from the doctor/dentist when you have an appointment so the school has it for your student file.


Lunch Menu: Crispito Lettuce, Tomato Cheese, Salsa Taco Fiesta Beans,Veggies, Spanish Rice, Applesauce Cup, Fresh Orange