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OABCIG Proposed Bond Referendum Information 2018

The OABCIG Facilities Committee has presented a petition to ask the OABCIG Board of Education to pass a resolution calling for a special election regarding the issuance of general obligation bonds to assist with funding district facility renovations and additions.  On Monday, October 22, 2018, the Board of Education passed such a resolution and a special election has been scheduled for December 11, 2018.

On this web page you will find information regarding the projects that will be completed with bond funds.  There is also information about the tax impact associated with the general obligation bonds.  If you have any additional questions please contact Superintendent Matt Alexander by email at malexander@oabcig.org or by phone at (712) 364-3687.

Financial Fact Sheet                   Proposed Bond Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to ask questions about the upcoming bond issue vote?  Click here to submit a question.


The OABCIG Facilities Committee will be holding community forums to provide information about the proposed bond issue. These forums will be held at the following locations and dates. All meetings will begin at 12:30pm.

December 3rd - 12:30 PM - 2 Locations
1 - Ida Grove Recreation Center – Community Room
2 - Odebolt Community Center

December 4th - 12:30 PM - 2 Locations
1 - Battle Creek Community Center
2 - Arthur Community Center

The Committee would like to invite all district residents to attend one of these informational sessions to learn more about the projects the school district is needing to undertake, and ask any questions they might have regarding the proposed bond issue. Please feel free to bring your lunch if you would like. Coffee and cookies will be provided.

Quick Facts:

Proposed Projects:

  • Update existing classrooms to modern learning environments
  • Addition of an approximately 585 seat auditorium
  • Addition of band and choir room next to the auditorium at the high school
  • Move Agricultural Education and Industrial Technology classes into the high school building and expand current shop area
  • Addition of locker rooms, weight room, and wrestling room at ground level and attached to the high school
  • Create secure entrance at the front of the high school building and consolidate high school and central office locations


Estimated Costs:

Academic Space Upgrades  
       Odebolt  $        1,250,000
       Ida Grove            1,650,000
Other Academic Spaces  
       Band, Vocal, Atrium            1,765,000
       Move Ag Ed into H.S.               680,000
       Performance Auditorium            3,555,000
H.S. Athletics Upgrades  
       Locker Rooms, Wrestling, & Fitness
       H.S. Secure Entrance & Admin.               840,000
Subtotal          13,915,000
Estimate Contingency (5% estimated)               695,750
Soft Costs - Estimated*            2,500,000
Total Project Costs  $      17,110,750

* Soft Costs Include: Design Fees, Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment, Site Survey, Geotechnical Exploration,

Construction Testing, Construction Contingency, Asbestos Abatement, etc.


TAX IMPACT AT $0.74 LEVY RATE (compared to FY18 rate):

  1. Annual Tax Impact on $100,000 assessed value home is $37.57
  2. Annual Tax Impact on $100,000 commercial/industrial property is $66.60
  3. Average assessed value of an acre of ag land in Ida County is $2,393 as of 1/1/2017
  4. Annual Tax Impact on average acre of ag land in Ida County is $0.96
  5. Average assessed value of an acre of ag land in Sac County is $2,075 as of 1/1/2017
  6. Annual Tax Impact on average acre of ag land in Sac County is $0.84


Fiscal Year Ida Co. Sac Co.  
FY05 11.83231 13.76012  
FY06 11.96978 13.84775  
FY07 11.88745 13.94175      * The overall estimated tax rate including the
FY08 12.53212 13.93887         bond issue would be $13.02 (Ida Co.) and     
FY09 12.65565 13.04160         $12.78 (Sac Co.)
FY10 13.75399 13.83977      
FY11 13.75381 13.72070          
FY12 13.71911 13.69483          
FY13 12.70060 13.48269      * This rate would decline as valuations increase
FY14 12.84544 12.80337         due to wind turbines being added to the
FY15 12.62335 12.59816         district total valuation.
FY16 12.37516 12.32906  
FY17 12.31476 12.31358  
FY18 12.28371 12.03775  
FY19 10.97574 10.55750     Current year reduction due to district consolidation
15-year average 12.54820 13.06050