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BCIG Community School District: 712-364-3687

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Our JMC databases have been merged into one, OABCIG database.  You will not be able to access JMC from our old links any more.  The new JMC link is posted.  All families will need to log in to the new JMC for registration and to verify their information for 2018-2019.
School PIctures:
      Elementary • Odebolt Bldg.  • Tuesday, August 28th
      Middle School   • Tuesday, August 28th
      Elementary • Ida Grove Bldg • Wednesday, August 29th
      High School • Thursday, August 30th


OABCIG proposed bond referendum information

Informational Meeting/Tours Schedule

❏ Thursday, August 24 - 7:00 p.m. at OA-BCIG High School Commons (info/tours)
❏ Monday, August 28 - 7:00 p.m. at OA-BCIG Middle School Gym (info/tours)
❏ Thursday, August 31 - 7:00 p.m. at Battle Creek Community Room (information)
❏ Sunday, September 3 - 3:00 p.m. at OA-BCIG Middle School Gym (info/tours)
❏ Wednesday, September 6 - 7:00 p.m. at Arthur Community Building (information)
❏ Sunday, September 10 - 3:00 p.m. at OA-BCIG High School Commons (info/tours)

OABCIG Proposed Bond Referendum Informational Presentation
Tax Impact Information on the Proposed Bond Referendum

Voting Information

Virtual Tour Videos
Virtual Tour Introduction
Accessiblity - Odebolt Facility
Accessibility - Ida Grove Facility
Academic Areas - Odebolt Facility
Academic Areas - Ida Grove Facility
Activities Areas - Odebolt Facility
Activities Areas - Ida Grove Facility
New Construction - Performance Auditorium - Ida Grove Facility
Final Remarks

Questions and Answers

Performance Auditorium


OABCIG Central Office
900 John Montgomery Drive
Ida Grove, IA 51445
phone 712-364-3687
fax 712-364-3609

OABCIG High School
900 John Montgomery Drive
Ida Grove, IA 51445
phone 712-364-3371
fax 712-364-4463

OABCIG Middle School & OABCIG Elementary - Odebolt
600 South Maple Street
Odebolt, IA  51458
phone 712-668-2827
fax 712-668-2631

OABCIG Elementary - Ida Grove
403 Barnes Street
Ida Grove, IA 51445
phone 712-364-2360

Matt Alexander, Superintendent
Kathy Leonard, Business Manager
Patrick Miller, High School Principal
Doug Mogensen, Middle School & Elementary-Odebolt Principal
Alan Henderson, Elementary-Ida Grove Principal
Mistaya Hoefling, Curriculum Director
Julie Weeda, Technology Director
Tiffany Lindberg, Nurse
Kim Bleckwehl, Transportation Director
Roger Walter, Maintenance Director
Mary Renze, Food Service Director

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