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2017-18 Fall/Winter Refrigerator Schedule of Activities  (click for pdf)

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State Track Qualifiers  
High Jump 100M Dash 400M Hurdles
2nd Place
Sydney Durbin
11th Place
Jordyn Fredericks
15th Place
Calli Wareham
4x100M Relay 4x200M Relay Shuttle Hurdle Relay
14th Place
Jordyn Fredericks
Sarah Cotton
Summit Nielsen
Sydney Durbin
7th Place
Jordyn Fredericks
Sarah Cotton
Calli Wareham
Sydney Durbin
23rd Place
Summit Nielsen
Carrie Miller
Sarah Petersen
Ashley Lindner

Drake Relays  
Congratulations to Sydney Durbin for qualifying for the Drake Relays in the high jump and to the 4x100 team (Jordyn Fredericks, Summit Nielsen, Sarah Cotton, Sydney Durbin) for qualifying as well.

Sydney will jump on at 9:45 a.m. and is number 7. The 4x100 team will run on Friday at 5:10 p.m. in Heat 6 Lane 4.

2017 Girls Track Team
Row 1: Calli Wareham, Jordyn Hedberg, Carrie Miller, Summit Nielsen, Bethany Rehse, Jordyn Fredricks
Row 2: Sydney Durbin, Brooklyn Hoffman, Sarah Cotton, Ashley Lindner, Madison Schiernbeck
Row 3: Macy Nichloson, Greysenne Hoefling, Cora Hansen, Liz Zobel, Stephanie Rigby
Row 4: Rebecca Cedeno, Peyton Miller, Skylar Mackey, Sarah Petersen
Missing From Photo: Hannah Veit, Kirsten Dausel, Alyssa Mason, Kylee Weber, Ryder Cranston, Sierra Rohlk, Lexi Neville

2017 Schedule 
*Check the District Calendar for the most up-to-date schedule of events*
Date Location Time Team Results
March 6 UNI Dickinson Relays (Cedar Falls) 3:00 ---
March 13 ISU Classic Indoor (Ames) 3:00 ---
March 18 Buena Vista Indoor (Storm Lake) 10:00 ---
March 31 Ridge View Relays (Holstein) 4:00 3rd Place
April 4 Bulldog Relays (LeMars) 5:00 2nd Place
April 7 Tomohawk Relays (Cherokee) 4:30 6th Place
April 11 Spartan Relays (Onawa) 4:30 4th Place
April 13 MNWW Relays (Manson) 4:30 5th Place
April 20 OA-BCIG Coed Relays 4:30 2nd Place
April 21 Sioux City Relays (freshmen) 4:30 ---
April 22 Sioux City Relays Coed 8:00 ---
April 25 Falcon Girls Relays 4:30 cancelled
April 27 Ram Relays (Mapleton) 4:30 1st Place
April 27-29 Drake Relays (Des Moines) TBD Sydney Durbin
5th Place High Jump
May 2 WVC Championships (Lawton) 4:30 1st Place
May 5 Rebel Relays (Sloan) 4:30 1st Place
May 11 State Qualifying Meet (Missouri Valley) 4:00 ---
May 18-20 State Championships (Des Moines) TBD ---

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