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Youth Basketball Camp Registration Form: if students need an adult size shirt, please write it on the registration form.

2017 High School Softball and Baseball Schedule

2017 Summer Open Gym, Weight Room, Camp Schedules


ANNOUNCEMENTS – May 25, 2017
There will be a FB meeting after school TODAY in Mr. Chizek's room, for all prospective football players.
May 31:
2nd PERIOD        8:40 – 10:00
4thPERIOD          10:10 – 11:30                     
6th PERIOD         12:30 – 1:50
8th PERIOD         2:00 – 3:20         
June 1:
1st PERIOD         8:20 – 9:40
3rd PERIOD        9:45 – 11:05
5th PERIOD         11:45 – 1:05
7TH PERIOD      1:10 – 2:30
2017 Chromebook End of Year:
Chromebook check-in will take place during the end of 8th Hour/Success classes on TUESDAY, MAY 30th.
Please bring with you to check in:
•  Chromebook
•  Chromebook Case
•  Chrombook Name card in pouch (if not, a paper with your name on it - you will be billed $5 to replace your card if you do not have it.
•  Strap with your bag - if missing you will be billed $10 to replace it
•  Charger with your bag - if missing you will be billed $12.50 to replace it
At check in we will have you:
•  Clean chromebook with disinfectant wipes
•  Clean out zipper pouch
•  Sign out of your account before checking it in, and shut it down.
•  You will get a document to fill out with your name and any issues that we need to look at (computer and/or carrying case)
**We will be scanning your chromebook’s serial number, looking to see if you have your charger, name card, strap, and checking the condition of your case.
Possible Charges:
            No charger                         $12.50
            No name label card            $ 5.00
            No strap                              $10.00
            Case (bad condition)          $25.00
*Mrs. Sadler's Environmental Science 5th & 6th Period class will keep their device until after their final.  This is the ONLY class keeping their device.
*If you are taking the summer session of Drivers Ed, you will fill out the information sheets for the chromebook and then take it home for the summer session (I have a list).  Turn in will take place on last day of their Drivers Ed class.
---All students will need to check out of classes.  Check out sheets will be available on Tuesday, May 30th.
---All negative lunch balances need to be paid before June 1st.  You will need to turn in your lunch card on the last day you plan to eat.  Lunch cards will be reissued next fall.
There will be a key club meeting at 7:50 Friday morning.
There will be a cross country team meeting on Tuesday, May 30th, at 3:27, in the HS Cafeteria.
Volleyball meeting - Tuesday May 30th - in gym @ 3:30
DRIVERS EDUCATION :  (all fees are due)
There are a few spots still open for the summer session of drivers education.  Forms are available in both the OA-BCIG MS and OA-BCIG HS offices. Students must have their driver’s permit before registering.  A copy of the permit will be made when the student registers.  The total fee is $350.00.  A deposit of any amount must be made at the time of registration.  Class must be paid in full by May 15th. A limit of 36 students. (4 remaining) The following students are currently enrolled for the summer session:  Cooper DeJean, Joshua Sholty, Dylan Johnson, Kolton Knop, Austin Wunschel, Adeline Hickey, George Ehrig, Truman Clark, Rylie Hedberg, Isaac Newquist, Alyssa Barnum, Paige Blackman, Gavan Flammang, Brandon Schmidt, Trust Wells, Preston Gill, Elle Schroeder, Blake Reinhart, Kiera Ladwig, Zander Lichtenberg, Sahvannah Medina, Jaden Carlson, Morgan Godbersen, Marley Hewitt, Raeanna Banghart, Kylee Dausel, Brayden Sorensen, Cade Ernst, Aidan Knop, Owen Luft, Zane Nelson & Mia Mortensen
Students that took the first session of drivers education may pick up their Certificate of Completion at the high school office.

LUNCH:  hot dog/ WG bun, tossed salad, green beans, mixed fruit, banana


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