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Class of 2017: A vertical senior photo and baby photo are due by Feb. 1, 2017 for the yearbook.

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Middle School Girls basketball game vs Lawton-Bronson for today (Tuesday, Jan. 24) has been canceled.
Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball @ Woodbury Central for today have been postponed.


speech-individual & large group

Coach:  Ms. Kariann Jurgenson    kjurgenson@oabcig.org


Congratulations to the following groups who advanced to the state large group speech contest in Spencer: One Act Play (Grace Holmes, Bree Henningsen, Liz Adams, Lindsey Kruse, Kim Renze, Peyton Miller, Josie Wulf, Sierra Rohlk, and Taylor Oldham), Musical Theatre (Carrie Miller, Courtney Peters, Marzia Shivers, Emma Endrulat, and Corin Bower), Group Improv B (Alexia Thomas, Dallas Hare, and Lindsey Kruse) and Group Improv A (Stephen Stangl, Aedan Hickey, Daltyn Swanger, and Grant Conover). 

Large Group Speech Participants
Row 1:
Grace Holmes, Aedan Hickey, Stephen Stangl, Courtney Peters, Carrie Miller, Vandy Mosier, Alexia Thomas, Dallas Hare
Row 2: Jarrett Bumann, Grant Conover, Corin Bower, Taylor Oldham, Peyton Miller, Kim Renze, Billie Mosier, Emma Endrulat 
Row 3: Liz Adams, Lindsey Kruse, Cole Rhea, Daltyn Swanger, Sydney Bauer, Josie Wulf, Teah Tollufsen, Mary Bennett, Aurora Anderson, MaKenzi Devitt

Large Group Speech News

OA-BCIG will be fielding a number of participants and groups at the upcoming District Large Group Speech Contest in Denison on January 21. Students will be competing in six different categories including Choral Reading (Dallas Hare, Jarrett Bumann, Caspian Carlmark, Daltyn Swanger, Liz Adams, Sydney Bauer, Aurora Anderson, Emma Endrulat, Grace Holmes, Billie Mosier, Vandy Mosier, and Carrie Miller), One Act Play (Grace Holmes, Bree Henningsen, Linsdey Kruse, Sierra Rohlk, Liz Adams, Josie Wulf, Peyton Miller, Taylor Oldham, and Kim Renze), Group Mime (Sarah Cotton, Teah Tollufsen, Savannah Wych, and Mary Bennett), Solo Mime (Sequoia Dobbs), Musical Theatre (Courtney Peters, Carrie Miller, Emma Endrulat, Marzia Shivers, Corin Bower, Stephen Stangl, Aedan Hickey, Grant Conover, and Jarrett Bumann) and finally, Group Improvisation (Linsdey Kruse, Alexia Thomas, Dallas Hare, Madison Schiernbeck, Makenzi Devitt, Vandy Mosier, Courtney Peters, Marzia Shivers, Bree Henningsen, Stephen Stangl, Grant Conover, Aedan Hickey, Daltyn Swanger, and Caspian Carlmark). Those groups who earn I ratings at district contest will be eligible to compete in the state competition which will be held on February 4 in Spencer.


Large Group Districts:  January 21, 2017 @ Denison
Large Group State:  February 4,  2017 @ Spencer

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All-State Individual Speech
All-State Large Group Speech



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