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Class of 2017: A vertical senior photo and baby photo are due by Feb. 1, 2017 for the yearbook.

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Middle School Girls basketball game vs Lawton-Bronson for today (Tuesday, Jan. 24) has been canceled.
Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball @ Woodbury Central for today have been postponed.


Spring play- "Villain School"

Director: Whitney Francis-Simonson
Asst. Director: Kiley Simonson


Saturday, April 16, 2016 @ OABCIG High School Cafeterium
Tickets can be purchased at the door. $5 for adults $3 for students.


Everyone loves a good villain, and in Villain School, the entire cast gets the fun of playing the bad guy... or girl! The Villains’ Institute for Learning Evil (V.I.L.E.)  is where all the famous storybook villains go to learn their wicked ways. Like any school, V.I.L.E.  has its own social groups: The Monsters, who are always hungry and love to scare people; the Witches, who make a mean brew; the Convicts, who are expert thieves and con-artists; and the Misfits, who just don’t fit in. There are also the Evil Geniuses, who rule the school and are at the top of the food chain. But everything is turned upside down when the smart and talented new student, Frank Stein, shows up and challenges the status quo. Things get even worse when he falls head over heels in love... because love is strictly forbidden at Villain School. That’s why Heidi Jekyll, the object of Frank’s desire, wants nothing to do with him. That is, until the potion she concocts for the science fair goes awry, transforming her into a sugary sweet princess. Faced with potential expulsion and certain embarrassment, will the forces of evil ultimately tear them apart, or will true love prevail? 

Row 1: Courtney Peters, Olivia Devitt, Hannah Veit, Stephen Stangl, Amy Cutshall, and Brittany Hamann
Row 2: Mally Sangpanjun, Sydney Bauer, Grace Holmes, Blake Netherton, Lydia Gustafson, Will Lozier, and Lindsey Kruse. 
Row 3: Dallas Hare, Emma Endrulat, Gable Sohm, Bree Henningsen, Marzia Shivers, Cheyenne Lenig, Claire Sohm, Ellie Diersen, and Madison Schiernbeck


Character Performed by
Frank Stein Stephen Stangl
Heidi Jekyll Hannah Veit
Mal Blake Netherton
Beatrix Grace Holmes
Sharkey Ellie Diersen
Pick Madison Schiernbeck
Davy Backstabber Cheyenne Lenig
Hetty Brittany Hamann
Netty Amy Cutshall
Gretty Olivia Devitt
Betty Courtney Peters
Sasquatch Sydney Bauer
Warewolf & Garbage Will Lozier
Mummy Mally Sangpanjun
Quasimodo Lindsey Kruse
Sandra Lydia Gustafson
Headmistress Marzia Shivers
Professor Snide Gable Sohm
Professor Black Bree Henningsen
Professor Murk Claire Sohm
Marcella Jekyll Emma Endrulat
Drake Jekyll Dallas Hare


Mr. Larry Allen, Athletic Director
900 John Montgomery Drive
Ida Grove, IA  51445

600 South Maple
Odebolt, IA  51458

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