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Red Ribbon Week-October 22-26
Theme:  Life is Your Journey -Travel Drug Free

You are invited to participate in a week of spirit to celebrate our choice to be drug free. Please remember no face paint or masks.
Spirit Days

Monday, 10/22 - Wear Red Day
Tuesday, 10/23 - Crazy Day
Wednesday, 10/24 - Fake Injury Day
Thursday, 10/25 - Career Day
Friday, 10/26- NO SCHOOL


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Central Office

District Staff

Food Services

High School

Susan Maass
Science & Math 712-364-3371 ext.234 smaass@oabcig.org
Benjamin Mauritz
Instrumental Music 712-364-3371 bmauritz@oabcig.org
Jeff Miesner
Physical Education 712-364-3371 ext.241 jmiesner@oabcig.org
Andrea Nielsen
FCS & Health 712-364-3371 ext.248 anielsen@oabcig.org
Randy Nieman
History 712-364-3371 ext 252 rnieman@oabcig.org
Jeff Nollen
High School Custodian 712-364-3371 jnollen@oabcig.org
Kaye Otto
Language Arts 712-364-2161 kotto@oabcig.org
Jacob Pedersen
Vocal Music 712-364-3371 jpedersen@oabcig.org
Donna Rasmussen
Special Education 712-364-3371 ext 238 drasmussen@oabcig.org
Angie Rohlf
Paraeducator 712-364-3371 arohlf@oabcig.org
Carol Sadler
Science 712-364-3371 ext 232 csadler@oabcig.org
Heather Spetman
Special Education 712-364-3371 ext 231 hspetman@oabcig.org
Jeff Spotts
Student Support Services 712-364-3371 jspotts@oabcig.org
Sharon Uhl
Paraeducator 712-668-2867 suhl@oabcig.org
Paul Weber
Science 712-364-3371 pweber@oabcig.org
April Wells
Special Education 712-364-3371 awells@oabcig.org
Paige Whitney
Ag Education 712-364-3371 pwhitney@oabcig.org


Middle School

Jodi Peters
Special Education 712-668-2767 jpeters@oabcig.org
Ashley Petersen
Elementary Technology Associate & Paraeducator 712-668-2827 apetersen@oabcig.org
Maggie Renze
Odebolt Cook 712-668-2767 magrenze@oabcig.org
Bob Saunders
Science 712-668-2867 bsaunders@oabcig.org
Kim Schmidt
Special Education 712-668-2867 kschmidt@oabcig.org
Liz Simon
Paraeducator 712-668-2867 lsimon@oabcig.org
Deanna Thies
Custodian/Bus Driver 712-668-2767 dthies@oabcig.org
Krystal Weber
Science & STEM 712-668-2867 kweber@oabcig.org
David Winterrowd
Social Studies 712-668-2867 dwinterrowd@oabcig.org
Patricia Winterrowd
Math 712-668-2867 pwinterrowd@oabcig.org
Kim Wunschel
Paraeducator 712-668-2867 kwunschel@oabcig.org

OABCIG Elementary - Ida Grove

Tina Krager
Title 1/Reading Recovery 712-364-2360 tkrager@oabcig.org
Darla Ludvigson
Instructional Coach 712-364-2360 dludvigson@oabcig.org
Haley Miesner
5th Grade 712-364-2360 hmiesner@oabcig.org
Randy Nepper
Elementary-Ida Grove Custodian 712-364-2360 rnepper@oabcig.org
Kelsie Nettles
4th Grade, High School Dance Coach 712-364-2360 knettles@oabcig.org
Holly Nuetzman
Special Education 712-364-2360 hnuetzman@oabcig.org
Jessica Oldham
Paraeducator 712-364-2360 joldham@oabcig.org
Karen Petersen
Paraeducator 712-364-2360 kpetersen@oabcig.org
Cassie Reimers
3rd Grade 712-364-2360 creimers@oabcig.org
Renae Remer
5th Grade 712-364-2360 rremer@oabcig.org
Staci Rohlk
Ida Grove - K-5 & 9-12 Enrichment/TAG 712-364-2360 srohlk@oabcig.org
Liz Schmidt
Paraeducator 712-364-2360 lschmidt@oabcig.org
Jennifer Segebart
TK Paraeducator 712-364-2360 jsegebart@oabcig.org
Carrie Skirvin
TK Paraeducator 712-364-2360 cskirvin@oabcig.org
Janet Snyder
4th Grade 712-364-2360 jsnyder@oabcig.org
Joan Sohm
2nd Grade 712-364-2360 jsohm@oabcig.org
Shelly Spotts
Title 1/Reading Recovery 712-364-2360 sspotts@oabcig.org
Julie Staley
Guidance Counselor 712-364-2360 jstaley@oabcig.org
Lisa Remetch
Art 712-364-2360 lremetch@oabcig.org
Linda Warnke
3rd Grade 712-364-2360 lwarnke@oabcig.org
Robyn White
Paraeducator 712-364-2360 rwhite@oabcig.org
Amber Winther
Special Education 712-364-2360 awinther@oabcig.org
Ashley Wittrock
3rd Grade 712-364-2360 awittrock@oabcig.org
Lynette Wunschel
Kindergarten 712-364-2360 lwunschel@oabcig.org
Timi Wunschel
Preschool 712-364-2360 twunschel@oabcig.org

OABCIG Elementary - Odebolt

Kris Schroeder
Preschool Paraeducator 712-668-2767 kschroeder@oabcig.org
Mary Sorensen
Paraeducator 712-668-2867 msorensen@oabcig.org
Alycia Sporrer
Kindergarten 712-668-2767 asporrer@oabcig.org
Matt Stover
Odebolt-Custodian 712-668-2827 mstover@oabcig.org
Deanna Thies
Custodian/Bus Driver 712-668-2767 dthies@oabcig.org