Enrollment Process for New Students to our District

Step 1: Register Your Student

All families are required to register their students. If possible, please print and complete the forms at home and bring them to your child's school. If you are unable to print the forms, they will be available at your child's school during on-site enrollment & registration. Please contact our District Office (712-364-2255) if you have any questions.

Already have a student in our District? Follow our Current Families Enrollment Process for your new student.

Step 2: Complete and Turn in Forms

Families must submit multiple forms for enrollment and registration of a new student:

OABCIG Student Registration form

Home Language Survey
Military Opt Out Form
Technology Responsible Use Agreement (PreK-12 Students & Parents)
Migrant Education Parent Form
School Accident Insurance - (forms will be available at registration as well).

Immunizations Records – Immunizations MUST comply with state law for a child to start school. See Immunization Requirements.
Application for Educational Benefits (Free and Reduced Application) on the Registration Dashboard Please note that it is important to complete the Benefits Application before paying registration fees. 

Verification of a child's date of birth is required. 

Step 3: Pay Fees

Fees may be paid at time of registration.